"Hi, I am Suda Udaya, a highly skilled and dedicated Safe Driving Instructor with extensive expertise in promoting road safety and responsible driving practices. With a passion for enhancing driver safety, I possess a deep understanding of driving regulations, risk management, and instructional methodologies.

I bring a wealth of practical experience to the field of driver education and safety, having worked with diverse learner groups across various driving environments. I have successfully developed and implemented driver safety programs, conducted comprehensive risk assessments for driving conditions, and delivered effective training programs.

My unwavering commitment to road safety, in-depth knowledge of driving regulations, and comprehensive experience as an instructor and safety advocate make me a valuable asset to any organization or individual seeking to prioritize responsible driving practices.

I diligently adhere to all hygiene policies. After each driving session, I thoroughly clean the entire car interior using antibacterial detergents. At the end of each week, the car undergoes a comprehensive deep cleaning process to ensure the health and safety of all learners by minimizing the risk of infection. It's worth noting that I have received all the required COVID-19 booster shots and am fully immunized to further safeguard the well-being of my students


40+ Years of Driving


Other languages:

  • Sinhala




5-star ANCAP- Haval Jolion 2023 SUV with Dual Control

Reviews 5 Star Rating


Suda is a great driving instructor, I really enjoyed my lesson! Thank you very much!


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