Ray Surush

Hi, I'm Ray and I am a manual instructor. I can also teach automatic lessons in your car.

I am a cheerful, calm and patient person by nature and I enjoy the challenges that teaching people to drive brings. I have sixteen years of driving experience and excellent communication skills in different languages. I have had some very positive feedback from previous clients, who I have already taught to drive with success. I have a very flexible working schedule and do not have any restrictions on working hours. I understand that the needs of my pupils come first, and I am able to vary my times and lessons depending on the person.

I have always enjoyed driving myself and I feel that I am able to share my passion with new learners and allow them to enjoy what they are learning. As a driving instructor, I ensure that I teach my pupils how to use the vehicle controls with confidence and teach them about the correct approach to road safety. I make sure that they are taught safe manoeuvring, including turning, reversing and parking as guided by the Driving standards. I help them to learn the driving laws and the Highway Code to ensure that they pass the practical test. I also teach them how to deal with emergency situations as they arise, such as a crashes, bad weather, traffic problems etc. I ensure that my pupils know how to check a vehicle and what they should be looking for."


5 Years


  • Certificate IV in Driving Instruction
  • RMS Licenced Driving Instructor
  • SDC Coach

Other languages:

  • Davi
  • Pashto
  • Persian


Manual and (Automatic in your own car)


5-star ANCAP Rated Mazda 2



Suburbs Covered

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