Nash Rasheed

Hi, I'm Nash and I am consciously involved in promoting good practices while driving so that learners can take that knowledge and apply for the rest of their lives on road. The objective of my lessons is not only to get the learners prepared for driving tests, but also to ensure they appreciate and apply safe and responsible driving practices.

This helps creating capable drivers in Sydney every time one goes out solo driving, believing that he/she can be a role model, as others would be enlightened to see the good responsible driving practices learnt at 'Onroad'. I am also a Safer Drivers Course Facilitator and Coach.


7 years


  • RMS Licenced Driving Instructor
  • Certificate IV in Driving Instruction
  • Safer Drivers Course Facilitator and Coach
  • Accredited and Trained by Rehab On Road for Driver Assessment and Rehabilitation in the following areas: 

Physical, vision and cognitive defects and implications for driving, mental illness, anxiety and ageing and implications for driving; vehicle modifications for disabilities; on-road assessment, teaching methods and remediation for specific modifications, disabilities and medical conditions; vehicle ergonomics, licensing policies and procedures; medico-legal and ethical issues. 

Other languages:

  • Bangla




5-star ANCAP Rated Toyota Yaris


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