Your life is more important than anything – drive safe

By Ronak
Driving Safety

It has become the obligation of every common man to follow a responsible and safe driving method on the road to reduce the number of causalities. To ensure this, nearly every state has imposed a strict rule and regulation through road traffic and safety act, which need to be obeyed by all Australian citizens. Just beyond instructions, practical procedures are also implemented by the state regulatory board to control the frequency of accidents effectively.

Everyone can benefit by following a safe driving habit. Here are some of the valuable tips that you need to pursue 

  • Always concentrate on the road and follow traffic signals without fail

Generally, driver distraction is considered as the main reason for vehicle crashes. So it is vital to keep an eye on the road while driving. You should also be well aware about speed management and space management techniques (Crash Avoidance Space).  It is always better to avoid driving if you are tired or stressed. It is also advisable to pay attention to the traffic rules.

It is illegal to use cell phones or other hand held gadgets when you drive in Australia. Studies show that mobile phone usage is the main contributing factor for the tragedies on the road. In case of emergency, a hand free kit can be connected to your phone. Learners and Red P’s (P1 Drivers) are not allowed to use even hands free while driving.

  • Avoid drink driving

Consumption of alcohol or drugs can put the driver on risk. In most countries, stringent rules are adopted to avoid alcohol impaired driving. Learners and Provisional licence holders have ZERO Alcohol limit so don’t drink and drive.

  • Regularly check the condition of the vehicle

The vehicle you drive should be in good condition. So repeatedly verify the tyre pressure and tread depth. Brake performance, horn, light, and clutch should also be checked on a regular basis.

  • Use needed safety equipment while safety

Use seatbelt if you are driving a four-wheeler. Other accessories such as headrest, air bags, and child safety seats can also be used for extra safety. Motor Bike Riders or Two wheeler drivers are always recommended to use good quality helmets.

Safe driving is something that needs to be earned through experience. However, the basics standards of safe driving can be learnt through a defensive driving course or Safer Drivers Course for young drivers, which is a driver improvement program. It helps you to develop skills to prevent the dangers that occur due to harsh or bad driving.  These days, several government and private agencies, driving schools, and nonprofit organizations conduct such courses to make people aware about defensive driving skills.

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