A Rule is Changing for Everyone's Safety

Written by Michelle Lowden


From 26 September 2019 motorists will no longer need to slow down to 40km/h on roads with speed limits of 90km/h or MORE when passing stationary emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

The trial of a rule that required motorists to slow down to 40km/h when passing stationary emergency vehicles with flashing blue or red lights has been completed and changes will be made to the road rule as a result of a review of the 12 month trial, which included community feedback.

This rule is being changed to:

  • improve the safety of emergency services personnel, tow truck operators and breakdown assistance providers working on the road, as well as the people they are helping.
  • make it safer on higher speed roads where the time and distance required to reduce speed to 40km/h is the greatest. 


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Have you heard about the bstreetsmart annual event?

Written by Michelle Lowden

bstreetsmart NSW, an initiative of the Trauma Service at Westmead Hospital, is an event held at the Qudos Bank Arena, which inspires thousands of high school students annually. This will be the 15th year that bstreetsmart has been able to impact young and future drivers of NSW. 

Westmead's Trauma Service is strongly committed to road safety education, as they are continuously reminded that people aged 15-30 are disproportionately represented in road trauma. 

bstreetsmart exists to reduce the fatality and injury rates of young people, through promoting safe driving behaviour to drivers, riders and passengers.

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Say "Hello" to your Digital Driver's Licence!

Written by Michelle Lowden

After a successful trial, it has been announced that smartphone driver’s licences will be rolled out State-wide as early as August of this year. Every motorist in NSW will be able to use a digital driver’s licence on his or her phone in place of a plastic one, however there are no plans to phase out plastic licences at this stage, with the digital licence seen as an additional option. 

“Smartphones have become de facto wallets and we’re using cutting edge technology so that drivers can use a digital licence in everyday scenarios,” Minister for Customer Service Victor Dominello said.

With a digital licence available, motorists won’t have to worry about remembering their wallet when leaving their house – isn’t that great! You can simply take your phone and not have to worry. The digital licence will be offered as an optional tool and can be used for identity and proof of age, as well as roadside police checks.

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Special Needs Driving Lessons

Written by James Nelson

Schedule Your Special Needs Driving Lessons at Onroad Driving School

Are you looking for options for special needs driving lessons? The team at Onroad Driving School offers a fantastic selection of driving education courses and a talented staff that provides you with the tools you need to be an excellent driver.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Special Needs Driving Lessons

We want you to enjoy learning how to drive. Our teachers help you to avoid the following pitfalls.

  • Missing out on a free lesson: Our company is proud to be a part of a government accredited program called Keys2Drive which allows us to offer a free driving lesson to learner license holders. The lesson includes teaching by a Keys2Drive driving professional. We encourage you to reach out to a member of our team for more details.
  • Booking at an inconvenient time: One of the prime advantages of working with us is that we offer more than 30 instructors who are flexible enough to plan a lesson seven days a week. To get the most out of your experience, plan a time that accommodates your busy schedule.
  • Delaying learning to drive: With nearly a decade of experience in the industry, we understand the incredible sense of freedom that our training provides to every student. Our instructors work with you to gain a better understanding of any limitations you have so that you can excel as a top-notch driver.

Problems Our Special Needs Driving School Addresses

We strive to eliminate any hesitations that you have with attending our special needs driving school. Some common topics that we address include the following.

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NDIS Driving Lessons

Written by James Nelson

NDIS Driving Lessons with Qualified Instructors

We provide NDIS driving lessons every day of the week. Our instructors have undertaken NDIS driver training to give quality, safe and educational lessons to individuals with disabilities such as Autism, Aspergers, hearing loss, panic attacks, anxiety disorders and more. Our instructors are patient and relaxed when teaching to help you become a safe and responsible driver.

Common Mistakes People Make with NDIS Driving Schools

Avoid these common mistakes to get the most out of your driving lessons.

  • Failing to get medical clearance from your doctor to drive: Some conditions require a medical certificate from your doctor for you to be eligible for driving lessons. Our instructors are aware and will inform you of the requirements needed to have NDIS driving lessons in the Western suburbs of Sydney.
  • Your vehicle does not have the right modifications: It is beneficial not to rush out and purchase a car without knowing what modifications you need. We provide modified cars such as with a fitted steering knob or electronic adaptation to help you manoeuvre easier when driving and parking. Our initial assessment will help to identify what assistance you need, and we can save you from spending unnecessary money on a vehicle that is not appropriate.
  • Not having the right NDIS plan: You need to ensure that you list driving as one of the key goals on your NDIS plan to avoid delays in receiving lessons. This plan should also include appropriate funding requests such as access to qualified driving instructors, as the correct details need to be approved and signed off. You will experience unexpected delays if you fail to set the appropriate plan.

Our instructors follow a structured driving plan to ensure you receive the best driving education.

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Disability Driving Lessons

Written by James Nelson

Professional Disability Driving Lessons with Modified Cars

We provide disability driving lessons with professional and experienced instructors throughout Sydney. Our driving school has an exceptional pass rate, and we have lessons available with manual and automatic cars. We will help you gain a sense of independence when you learn to drive with our qualified disability driving instructors.

Problems Our Disability Driving School in Sydney Addresses

We provide some unique solutions to your driving lessons such as:

  • Our vehicles are modified making it easier for you to learn to drive: We offer modified vehicles with a fitted steering knob that will help you to manoeuvre the car more easily. Our knobs are fitted correctly and securely which is beneficial in helping you to turn the steering wheel 360 degrees without needing to remove your hands. You will find parking, driving and turning more comfortable with this modification.
  • Electronic steering knobs can be fitted to give you additional assistance: You will gain confidence in your driving lessons with further aid from fitted electronic steering knobs. These electronic modifications will make it easier for you to brake smoothly and accelerate safely.
  • Our instructors will pick you up from your home for your driving lesson: We ensure that your driving lesson will start on time from your designated location. Our instructors will arrive for your session with one of our modified cars which saves you the hassle of needing to make arrangements to get to our driving school.

We offer lessons seven days a week so you can book a convenient time.

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Driving Lessons - Night Time

Written by Matty Weibel

Winter is coming!

And so are longer night times. People often raise the question, what is considered night hours? 
Night hours are considered the period between dusk and dawn I.e sunset to sunrise. Driving may be difficult as it is dark and visibility is limited, but it is not impossible.

During Winter, nights are not only longer, but it also might rain more often, which means roads are wet, traffic is slow and drivers can easily get stressed. The combination of wet roads and darkness can be dangerous as road markings tend to disappear and traffic lights reflect on the wet surface. Therefore it is crucial to be very careful and attentive when driving at night, especially when it is raining.

Here at Onroad Driving School we take night lessons very seriously as your safety is our number one priority. Because we offer driving lessons during night hours, our experienced instructors will ensure that every learner is provided with safe and correct instructions on how to drive when it's dark. We also make sure that you know how to use headlights, full beam and fog lights correctly while on the road.

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Learn To Drive Condell Park

Written by James Nelson

Learn to Drive with Confidence with This Driving School in Condell Park

When you learn to drive, you gain a new sense of freedom. You can go where you want whenever you want. No more begging parents or parents of friends to chauffeur you around the city. You can spend your time as you want, entirely freed from being bound by someone else's availability to drive you around.

Learning to drive is not difficult, but it can be overwhelming. There are rules of the road to learn and so much to remember when you first begin to drive. Over time, of course, it will become muscle memory and second nature. But when you first start learning, you need to be taught confidence alongside the rules of driving.

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Learn To Drive Bondi

Written by James Nelson

Learn to Drive in the Bondi Area with Professional Driving Instructors

Professional driving instructors can make all the difference in your driving school experience. You want to learn to drive in Bondi not just from someone who knows how to drive, but someone who knows how to teach. A good teacher can help make the lessons more enjoyable and make it easier for you to learn and remember the material.

It does not do you much good to go through lessons, only to forget most of what you learned due to poor teaching. Your teacher should help you understand the rules of the road in a way that is clear and memorable. The better the instructors, the better driver you can become.

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Learn To Drive Bankstown

Written by James Nelson

Learn to Drive and Pass Your Test the First Time in Bankstown

Learning to drive is an enjoyable, but time-consuming, experience. Driving school takes time and money, which you do not want to waste. After all the effort of getting ready for the driving test, it would be incredibly frustrating not to pass the first time.

At Onroad Driving school, we want you to succeed. And we want you to pass your driving test the first time around. We want you behind the wheel, driving safely, as soon as possible. If our student does not pass the test the first time around, we give him or her a free lesson in preparation for the second attempt. We are confident our teachers will help train you to pass the first time around.

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