Driving safely this Christmas holiday!

Written by Joanna Wakeley


As we approach the holiday season, the last thing you would want is to get a fine or be involved in an accident. At Onroad, we are passionate about Road Safety and have put together some things to be mindful of this Christmas season when on the road.

Everyone is looking forward to having a significant amount of time off this summer. We should keep in mind that the police work full time over the holiday period. While some may not be pleased to hear that, it’s actually for everyone’s benefit in the long run.

With rest areas located all over NSW, stopping and having a break is not difficult to do. We recommend that you have a break every few hours, as fatigue is a major cause for accidents during this time of the year. With the weather reaching high temperatures don’t forget to pack enough water for everyone in the vehicle to stay hydrated. For more road safety tips visit Onroad Driving School Articles and Safety Tips.

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Go from A to Z with Onroad Driving School and Academy of Road Safety

Written by Ronak Shah

At Onroad Driving School and Academy of Road Safety, we can make you a more confident and safer driver whether you have been driving for 50+ years or have never been behind the wheel!  Onroad Driving School, Sydney’s No. 1 Award Winning Driving School, is the driving school of choice for over 2000 learner drivers every year. With over 20 driving instructors covering all of Sydney’s suburbs, Onroad can provide regular automatic and manual lessons along with a free one hour driving lesson funded by the federal government. Onroad is also an accredited RMS provider of the Safer Drivers Course, which gives learner drivers an additional 20 hours in their logbooks while also becoming safer drivers and preparing for the highest risk period of driving. Onroad has delivered the Safer Drivers Course to over 500 students at a number of locations across Sydney including some of Sydney’s most prestigious schools including The King’s School, Abbotsleigh and Knox Grammar.

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Safe driving lessons from Onroad Driving School

Written by Ronak Shah

Onroad Driving School, a fast growing award winning Sydney Driving School has qualified RTA driving instructors who facilitate your safe driving; whether in Sydney or anywhere else in New South Wales helping you understand causes of road accidents. The main reason for accidents, as also taught by instructors in driving lessons is not due to any external factor, but accidents are primarily due to a speedy or aggressive driver.

Some of the other key reasons are:

  • Equipment Failure
    The most cited types of equipment failure, and things driving schools’ instructors warn you of, in Sydney or other parts of the Australia are brakes (loss of brakes), tires (tire blowouts or treat separation) , steering and suspension (steering/suspension failure).
  • Poor Roadway Design
    When the required attention is not given to, hazard visibility (bends, crests, school zones, road construction, traffic jams etc.), roadway surfaces (example, grooved pavement), traffic control devices (traffic light signals, speed limit signs, police surveillance cameras etc.), behavioral control devices (built-in obstacles like crash barrels, pedestrian islands, raised, medians, high curbing etc.), traffic flow (traffic in one way or two way streets) roadway identification signs (examples, advance notice of intersections, destinations, hazards, route numbers etc.), and weather - (ice and snow) accidents occur. New Drivers should get used to road signs, speed control, and make adjustments when weather conditions change to be in complete control of their cars.
  • Poor Maintenance
    Some potential roadway maintenance shortcomings are: debris, faded road signs and potholes. Roadway construction though is an often cited reason; a good driving instructor and seasoned driver will always acknowledge this fact. The faults usually lies with the drivers unwilling to merge or slow down and are always in a rush, no matter what the condition on the road is. Many wintertime accidents in Sydney are blamed on inadequate salting or sanding of icy roadways, but again the real culprit is often excessive speed.
  • Driver Behaviour Mishaps
    They occur when a driver gets distracted, perhaps by a cell phone call or a spilled cup of coffee. Remember a simple rule “Speed Kills”: The faster the speed of a vehicle, the greater the risk of an accident. Any driving school that has been qualified by RTA instructor would always encourage the drivers (learners) to drive slow and safe. Bad drivers, young, middle aged and old men and women driving good cars and family cars) often commit accidents. Same is the case with aggressive drivers, who besides being aggressive, have selfish attitudes, and is the most difficult area to change involving excessive speed, failure to signal, disregarding traffic controls, impaired driving etc.

These important factors when taken care of can ensure you safe and accident free driving in Sydney and outside. Onroad driving school wishes you miles and miles of happy, safe driving. Always follow rules and your RTA instructor while you drive!

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Getting your L-year started right with our driving lessons around Hurstville

Written by Ronak Shah

Learning to drive is an important rite of passage for many Australian teens. Once you’ve earned your keys, a whole world of opportunity opens up to you. As exciting as this time may be, it’s important to take the time to learn everything you need to know to be a good driver. Onroad Driving School has been in the Hurstville area for nearly a decade, and we can help you get started right.

Preparing for your first Driving Lesson in Hurstville

Maybe you've just turned 16, and you're ready to get your Learner's License. Congratulations! You are about to begin a new journey in your life. Learning to drive can be fun, and our professional trainers help manage the fears many novice drivers feel when they get behind the wheel for the first time.

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Onroad Driving School Proven Experience

Written by Ronak Shah

Onroad was established in 2008 and since then we have taught up to 10,000+ students with an 80% success rate of passing in their First Go. Over the years we’ve aimed to provide our students with the best possible service and we tried to do this by assigning driving instructors with the best training and hiring driving instructors who have a passion and are willing to give it their best while training our students.

Here at Onroad we aim to provide the best learning experience  to all our students and we have aimed to do so since ’08. Onroad driving school has been nominated for over 45 awards, and out of those 45, Onroad has been awarded three and has been a finalist in 42.

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Written by Ronak Shah

Q: What is the new Safer Driver Course which announced by NSW Roads Minister on 12/03/2013?

Young drivers will be offered the chance to learn more about road safety and reduce their logbook driving hours under a raft of changes by the NSW Government covering Learner licences. For more information check  Safer Drivers Course page.

Onroad Driving School provides this Safer Drivers Course, for location please check our homepage.

Q: What are the New Road Rules which started on 1 November, 2012?

RMS (Previously RTA) has introduced New Road Rules which include: no mobile phone holding in the car while driving, signalling at roundabouts, no U Turn on solid lines (exceptions do apply) and many more. Please visit the RTA website for further details: New Road Rules, started from 1 November, 2012.

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About Onroad

Written by Ronak Shah

Onroad Driving School is Australia’s most trusted and professional training academy. Our extensive experience in the driver education industry has seen us become a Multi Award Award-winning school. Our commitment to aspiring students is to make them a safe driver and impart quality driving. We carry out comprehensive theoretical and practical driving lessons at your door step. Allow one of our licensed driving instructors start your driving journey with an automatic or manual lesson and get one step closer in attaining your driver’s licence. Together we strive to make you competent drivers of the future.

What differentiates Onroad and makes us the preferred choice of many:

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Sydney driving school - select the best!

Written by Ronak Shah

At one point of life we all require to take our own responsibilities and once when these responsibilities come then basic amenities like cooking, cleaning and driving proficiency are required. If you are still new on driving a car then it is time to take some good driving lesson. There are several different professional driving schools like Sydney driving school that can assist you with but when it comes to finding the best then there are a few things that you need to keep in mind during your research on all available options.

So what are you waiting for? Follow this short article on how to find best driving instructor in Sydney:

  • Initially you need to look for certain things like what type of car you have or which model you are going to buy for your personal use. This will help you to understand your instructor about your training whether your training need all basic information or bit of advancement is required.
  • Another essential factor is whether you are learning driving for personal use or would like to take a cab job in Sydney? By discussing all these information with your driving instructor you will be able to help them understand particular skills of driving that you require apart from basic training.
  • There are several different driving schools in Sydney that you can browse online and look for their driving course. But if you do not have time to make a good market research then you can consider onroad.com.au. It is one of the finest Sydney driving schools who won many business awards in educational category.
  • Here you will find dedicated and experienced instructors that will help you understand the vehicles and other basic things that are sometimes ignored by most of the professional driving schools.
  • As a finalist in Australian Business Awards 2013, Onroad Driving School is known for delivering the excellence in every regard to their students.

All you need is to visit their website and browse their different services and packages. Choose the best as per your requirement and if you have any queries then you can easily contact them. Their customer care is available during business hours for your assistance.

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